Thought of the Week – Be Magnificent !!

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“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, peruse the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.”

– Maya Angelou

As part of the Peter P “Come Back” 2013 tour , I’m rediscovering many passions in my life that I either forgot, placed aside or thought had been lost. I’m also discovering new passions that are exciting and creating new dreams.  It’s inspiring to rediscover the great loves of your life during a period of reinvention like places, experiences and especially people.  I’ve also experienced some full circle moments of late that have challenged me and shifted my balance through illness of loved ones. However, through these tough moments, I’ve had the opportunity to help and support a few of the mega loves in my life that where there for me in my times of great need – reminding me that no matter how far you go, or how much time goes by – the great loves will always be there for you.

Be magnificent this week and may all eyes be on you – inspired by your sparkle!

“Never Dull Your Sparkle”


Friday Frock Up goes Elie Saab Spring Ready To Wear 2014




Elie Saab went back to the garden for his eye popping, uber glam Spring RTW 2014 Collection. “A Lace Garden,” he called it. There was oodles of the stuff in his super pretty collection, all in the colors of flowers: camellia white, rosy pink, bright bougainvillea, and a vivid green. To see this show was to be reminded of how commonplace sheer fabrics and views of the bare skin underneath have become on the runways, even while they’re still scandalously off-limits on the red carpets – but Saab scoffs “Pfft” to the meg conservative!! However, extra points go to Saab for finding ways to make the see-through lace look discreet; lingerie could become a growth market for this designer. Saab gave his filigreed dresses a graphic edge this season with the grosgrain ribbon he used to trim seams. Also new: not one, but two prints. It’s rare to see anything but monochrome on Saab’s runway, but here, colorful roses appeared on the hem of a white party dress and the neckline of a white jumpsuit. There was also a black and white chiaroscuro lace dotted with more flowers that decorated gowns from bust to hem. The chiaroscuro came out ahead. Even if the color black doesn’t have much place in a rose garden, the black lace dresses at the end of Saab’s collection stole the show. A halter style that alternated horizontal bands of silk crepe and lace was gorgeous, but my faves where the floral prints that are so outside of Saab’s comfort zone.
So many amazing looks for the gal about town in Melbourne who needs stand out couture to adorn herself with the many festive season events upon us. Any one of Saab’s stunning creations from his Spring RTW 2014 Collection would be the perfect stand out frock for any silly season soiree.
 1-elie-1 elie-saab-ss2014-RTW-00 elie-saab5 elie-saab6 elie-saab7 elie-saab11 elie-saab12 tumblr_mtzukrIUre1qd1swho2_500
“Never Dull Your Sparkle”
– Peter P XOXOX

Thought of the Week – Redifining Success

WQX000012SuccessIsLiking-350x3502013 has been an interesting ride. I’ve spent the past year of the “Peter P Come Back Tour” constantly redefining so many elements of what made me happy in my past life and trying to find joy in so much change and uncertainty.  A majority of my self esteem and happiness came from the amount of money I made, how many luxury accessories I had and my business. Don’t get me wrong – I haven’t all of a sudden found my inner “Zen” or become a altruistic soul that rejects the material world. No!!! The success equation of my past life is stronger than ever – however, new elements to my success equation are intensifying this year. These new elements include love, authentic communication, embracing change and life learning, demonstrating gratitude, loyalty and searching for a new romantic adventure – or, finding the real love of my life. Yes, I said it – Id like to become a “We” instead of a “Me” again.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I started dating again – I met a great guy, unfortunately, for a variety of reasons – it ended. However, it ended in the most adult way I have ever handled a break up. I was so surprised by my actions. Now, you may be saying that I wasn’t that crazy about this guy – hence my newly found measured behavior in ending it. Well, I’d like to think that I’ve learned from my past mistakes and decided to let go of an amazing guy (that has his own demons to lay to rest) but to do so in a way that would leave a small window open if he chose to come back.  Who knows if this hottie will come back – but I do know I want to be in a relationship again. A relationship that is passionate, lustful, equal, nurturing, loving with a great guy that becomes my best friend.

So, my definitions of what success looks like in 2014 and beyond has come full circle with some surprising new inclusions. What I do know is that I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity to create a new life that can encompass all my new hopes, dreams and success drivers.

May your week be full of success and my it ROCK!!!

“Never Dull Your Sparkle”

– Peter P XOXOXO

Thought of the Week – Loved Ones Are You’re Mirror

1000565_584835171575024_1440304726_nIt’s no secret how much I love my friends – they’re my filter, chosen family and mega loves of my life. However, the last week I’ve come to realize how much they mean to me as I embark on a new adventure as part of the “Peter P Come Back Tour 2013” – DATING!!!! ARGGGG!!!

This week marks two years to the day that I walked away from a decade long term relationship and began a new life. The past two years have represented unprecedented pain , emotional upheaval and new adventures. However, the idea of dating someone new with a view of entering a another relationship has not been on my radar. In actual fact, I’ve created so many barriers – it would take an Olympic pole vaulter to scale the massive emotional wall I’ve built to protect my heart.

Well, I dipped my big toe back into the “Dating Pool” over the last month and let me tell you – my anxiety has only been surpassed by the “Crazy Lady” internal dialogue screaming to run – run very far and mega fast from this possible renewed pain. At every turn over the past month, I’ve created a multitude of scenarios in my mind as to why it wouldn’t work, how he would hurt me and why I should walk away. What I’ve learned is that my “Flight” responses are all born out of fear.

Enter stage left my amazing friends. Every single step of this new dating adventure, they’ve provided advice, love and an empathic ear when dealing with my “Crazy Lady” within – and let me yell you, the “Crazy Lady” within is nuts on a “Mexican Day Time Drama” level – Diva without a clue!!

You may be wondering, what’s been the outcome of my month long dating adventure? The story this time around does not have a “Fairy Princess” happy ending (yet), and I’m not sure what’s going to happen with the young hottie in question. However, with mega amounts of help from my friends, I’m able to learn from this adventure.

So, what have I learned thus far??? It’s quite simple – instead of focusing on what I don’t what I need to focus on all the things I do want. I need to clearly communicate these wants and desires outwardly and as part of my internal dialogue. I think this dating adventure has had a muddled outcome so far because I’ve been unclear about what I wanted. I have to say, if I’m “Definite with the Infinite”, the outcomes reflect my emotional and mental vibrations – within all aspects of my life. This ethos is reflected in the amazing dear ones I have in my life, they are a “Second Self” – reflecting love, compassion, creativity and spontaneity. So, I need to apply the same theory as I take the tentative steps into a new romantic life. I’ll keep you posted. Wish me luck!!!

May Your Week ROCK!!!

“Never Dull Your Sparkle”

– Peter P XOXOXO

Thought of the Week – Turn possiblities into realty!!


“The future is FULL of amazing possibilities!

I love my life right now!

I trust the vision of my heart and act on it every day!”

As we hurtle towards the end of 2013 – I look back at my personal reinvention journey or as I like to call it – “The Peter P Come Back Tour 2013” and see an adventure full of amazing experiences, personal growth, professional success and love. There’s been a variety of reasons behind my success this year – primarily because of all the outstanding love and encouragement from my dear ones. However, one re-framing tool has been of great help.

The tool I’ve used as a constant this years is the passage above. It’s more of an affirmation, chant or reminder rather than a quote. I simply replace a negative re-enforcer in my head with a positive affirmation (may it be internally generated or externally implanted) eventually, I begin to believe the positive words and live them.

I’m grateful for all the change in my life this year – for it has uncovered joy, fulfillment and and a new life outside my comfort zone.

Give it a try – it can only help!

“Never Dull Your Sparkle”

– Peter P XOXOXO

Thought of the Week: Dream Big – Work Hard – Make It Happen!

559442_533351463423675_1098738056_nHere I am – on the other end of the FASHION FROCKTAIL EXTRAVAGANZA 2013 event for the FROCKTOBER Ovarian Cancer Charity team – “Get Your Frock On”, I work with.

Last weeks fashion / music event was a great success – in both PR terms and financial support for the charity. The team and I had some lofty dreams and they all came to fruition – but as we all know, dreaming big is never enough.

Last weeks stellar success come from six very dedicated people working extremely hard for many months until we reached our goal.

Congratulations team “Get Your Frock On” for some amazing outcomes and blowing everyone away at the event.

For some highlights from the event – go to our Facebook page.

290 frock on

292 frock onDream Big – Work Hard – Make It Happen!!

“Never Dully Your Sparkle”

– Peter P XOXOXO


Thought of the Week – Dream big!

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“Never let it be said that to dream is to waste ones time, for dreams are our realities in waiting. In dreams, we plant the seeds of our future”

– Anonymous

I’m very proud to be part of an amazing charity – “Team Get Your Frock On” that helps raise funds and awareness for Ovarian Cancer to find an early detection process.

This year the team and I have embarked on our biggest fashion fund raising event ever coming up this Thursday 10 October 2013. The planning, preparations, endless meetings, negotiations and problem solving have been mammoth. My learning curve this year has also been immense as I took on a new PR / Social Media /Marketing role. I’ve loved every minute of this very special adventure.

This experience this year has been outstanding for a variety reasons. I’ve reached a few self development goals and also come very close to meeting one of my idols –  Dannii Minogue – by one degree of separation!! However, at the core of my drive this year has been working with a team of women that I truly love and am proud to call my friends.  These women are all talented, beautiful, resilient, strong individuals who have loved and encouraged me through some of my toughest times. Truth be told, the girls carried me on the charity over the the past few years post my mums passing in 2011 and during the breakdown of my long term relationship and mess the ex created for me in 2012.  However, as my life came apart, and my commitment was lackluster at best – the team never once made me feel like a burden or dead weight. In fact, they continued to love, nurture and encourage me until the crippling pain and distress of the past began to subside and my self worth and esteem began to reemerge – in great part, because of these girls.

I dedicate this weeks thought to the inspiring  “Team Get Your Frock On” crew – a group of friends that continued to believe in me even when I didn’t – and for encouraging all the mad dreams we had for this years amazing fashion event that are all coming to life. I love you all and I’m proud to call you my friends.

Dream big and surround yourself with dear ones that can see the dream in your soul.

May Your Week ROCK!

“Never Dull Your Sparkle”

– Peter P